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Proud of what we do

Improves diagnostic

Through our full range of innovative and reliable medical diagnostics, SYNLAB drives better healthcare outcomes for patients, practising doctors, and clinics.

  • More than 450 laboratories in 36 countries globally
  • More than 24,000 headcount, including 1,200 medical experts
  • More than 500 million tests carried our every year for more than 100 million patients
  • Advanced testing capabilities that support countries in the fight against the coronavirus
  • Committed to reducing our emissions and being a carbon neutral business by 2025
  • >50% of our laboratories accredited to the highest local quality standard

“Our continuous effort, collaborative mindset, and passion prove our medical leadership. I am extremely proud to be part of this outstanding organisation.”

Mathieu Floreani, CEO grupo SYNLAB

Our focused approach
to ESG

In 2020, our management team worked with external consultants to complete a preliminary materiality assessment. This process guided us to reflect on our most significant ESG risks and opportunities from both SYNLAB and our stakeholders’ perspectives.

We consulted a variety of internal leaders to get a clear definition and prioritisation of these topics. We also looked to well-established sources such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to consider relevant external perspectives. In subsequent assessments, we will seek and incorporate more external stakeholder perspectives, building on our foundational assessment. Our Material ESG Topics are divided into 3 main areas:



  • Occupational health & Safety
    The management of workplace hazards affecting our employees’ and on site contractors’ physical and mental health and well-being..
  • Diversity and Equality
    Equal treatment of all employees, regardless of age, gender, sexual identity, culture, race and ethnicity, or religion. This includes the creation of professional opportunities for vulnerable/under-represented groups.
  • Access to high Quality Healthcare
    Provision of high quality services while ensuring accessibility, fair pricing and ethically appropriate marketing. Our definition of high quality also includes client data security.
  • Employee empowerment and Well-being
    Providing growth opportunities for a meaningful career while supporting a work-life balance.
  • Talent Atraction
    Retaining and winning talented new employees to support the innovation ambitions of the Company..
  • Research and innovation
    Funding and advancing our research & innovation capabilities, as well as product quality management/certification..
  • Comunity impact
    Providing charitable contributions to tackle societal challenges..


Business Ethics
Governance based on the highest professional standards, including board diversity, competence and independence and sector-specific standards.

Regulatory Compliance
Compliance with applicable corporate law, sector specific regulations, and environmental and health & safety regulation.

Tax Transparency
Compliance with applicable tax law and transparent disclosure.

Responsible supply chain Management
Integration of environmental, occupational health & safety and human rights matters in sourcing practices..


Nota informativa sobre el ciberataque acontecido en Synlab ITALIA

El pasado 18 de Abril Synlab Italia se vio afectada por las consecuencias de un ciberataque. Como precaución y, de acuerdo con los procedimientos de seguridad de la información de Synlab, todos los sistemas en Italia fueron desactivados. Como resultado, las operaciones de Synlab en Italia se vieron suspendidas. Se estableció un equipo de trabajo con expertos internos y externos para mitigar el impacto, restaurar los sistemas y se alertó a las autoridades con quien se ha colaborado estrechamente.

Las operaciones fuera de Italia NO se vieron afectadas por este incidente.

Con fecha 30 de abril Synlab Italia ha restaurado sus operaciones y retomará los servicios a pacientes y clientes en Italia.

Synlab está comprometida en mantener los más altos estándares de seguridad e integridad.