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Our mission

We provide actionable diagnostic information for healthy lives and well-being for all.

Our goal is to provide a solid and reliable basis for our clients to make the best possible therapy decisions. We offer the highest degree of personalised laboratory diagnostic services and set groundbreaking quality standards. SYNLAB is Europe's undisputed market leader   with a comprehensive offer of services that makes a vital contribution to public health protection. We collaborate with only the very best and drive scientific innovation with our international network of experts. At SYNLAB our analytical processes and methods are state-of-the-art, cementing our position as industry-leading provider of laboratory services.

Our vision

Leadership through excellence in service to patients and the medical community with reliable diagnostics and value added

Whether for patients or clients from the medical professional world  – SYNLAB is the industry leader in the provision of laboratory diagnostic services. We set standards that go above and beyond the expectations of our clients. A professional and passionate attitude towards service and customer care allows us to deliver reliable diagnoses that create real added value At SYNLAB we are always willing to go the extra mile for our customers. We strive to expand and enhance our network and change the European market for medical diagnostic services, thereby dedicating our attention to excellence and best practice.

Our values

Passion, accountability, customer centricity

We enjoy a special relationship with our customers, characterised by openness, honesty, respect and trust. We act with integrity in the interest of our partners and follow firm ethical principles. We offer a safe space in which all parties concerned feel welcome and in good hands. SYNLAB is transparent and communication is clear and direct. We mean what we say.

And what we do,

we do with joy and commitment.

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    A mindset based on individual and collective entrepreneurial spirit, embedded in a culture of continuous improvement and a dedication to drive scientific innovation through research.

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    A recognition of personal and corporate accountability based on strong governance and ethics, the value of a diverse and inclusive workforce in creating a thriving working environment, and promoting the well-being of our people and others that we work with.

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    Customer Centricity

    At the heart of our work is the provision of value-adding services to clinics and patients, underpinned by a culture of high-quality delivery and reliability. We strive to design and implement safer services that are respectful of the environment. The development of ESG-inspired initiatives within the Group is one of the key pillars in our efforts to provide the highest quality of diagnostics services


Advertencia sobre ciberdelincuencia

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En SYNLAB, no pedimos a los solicitantes de empleo más información personal por e-mail o WhatsApp. Si se encuentra con una situación de este tipo, le rogamos que nos lo comunique (aquí) para que podamos verificar su autenticidad antes de responder.

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