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Where are what we eat

Our nutritional test

We offer you a wide variety of nutritional tests so that you can find out how your diet affects your body. You can use the results to adapt your diet precisely to your particular needs, and start feeling better.


Integral study for personalised nutrition that, through genetic analysis and different biochemical parameters related to your metabolism and nutrition, makes it possible to determine the most appropriate diet for you.


Intestinal health service that combines a food intolerance test and a functional study of the intestinal microbiota, to determine what might be causing any problems with your digestion.


The BREATH TEST, or exhaled hydrogen and methane test, is a functional test toevaluate the presence of Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) or certain carbohydrate food intolerances.


Food sensivity test that evaluates our immune system’s response to over 200 foods that are common in the Mediterranean diet.


Genetic and biochemical study for a personalised approach to weight management. Find out which factors are most likely to impact you in reaching your optimal weight and what measures to take.


Combines two tests: myBIOME gut microbiome test + A200 food sensitivity test.


Evaluation of parameters that may be altered in a vegetarian diet in order to adapt the diet and prevent or correct any alterations. The test includes practical advice and/or personalized dietary recommendations.


Evaluation of parameters that may be altered in a vegan diet in order to adapt the diet and prevent or correct any alterations. The test includes practical advice and/or personalized dietary recommendations.


Evaluation of the percentage of fatty acids present in the body to find out whether your intake of each type of fat is compatible with obtaining an optimal state of health.

Choose to take care of your health

Enjoy a 10% discount on Complete Check-up for Women and Men (general health analysis), Advanced Nutritional Test (genetic and biochemical study for a personalised diet) and/or BIOTA200 (study of intestinal microbiota + food sensivity). What are you waiting for?

About nutrition

Our body absorbs and assimilates nutrients from the food we eat and digest. Our body obtains the energy necessary for our vital functions through these processes. Therefore, following a varied diet and achieving a nutritional balance will not only help us to perform our daily activities with vitality and endurance, it will also help us to prevent and overcome illness.

Digestive health

An increasing number of people suffer from intestinal health problems these days. It is often complicated to make an accurate diagnosis, because the condition doesn't manifest until some time later. For food intolerance symptoms, for example, the rejection reaction doesn't occur immediately. This makes it difficult to link consumption of the food to the symptoms it triggers. Food allergies and gluten intolerance, on the other hand, often trigger immediate reactions. Bearing in mind all of the above, and to more accurately detect each condition, we offer specific tests for food intolerances, such as gluten intolerance tests, and lactose intolerance tests, among others. They can help you know your body better and prevent this type of health problem.


Nutrients are substances found in food which, when they enter our body, become the main energy source for our cells, give shape to and renewing tissues, as well as regulating our metabolism, among other functions. They are classified into two groups: macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and fats) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). Both groups should be consumed on a daily basis and, although the dosage of the macronutrients should be higher than that of the micronutrients, a nutritional balance must always be achieved for each individual.


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