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Find your balance

Our wellness test

We offer you a series of tests that will help you to improve your wellness and, thus, your quality of life. You can use the results to find out whether you suffer from any imbalance, and then take the measures necessary to start feeling better.


The most advanced gut microbiome test on the market that provides a detailed and comprehensive view of your gut microbiome and how it interacts with your health.


DAO enzyme activity test, assessing both the concentration and activity of this enzyme, to determine whether your migraine is due to a deficiency of this substance.


Evaluation of the levels of the vitamins and minerals most involved in the immune response, which will allow you to check these key nutrients and learn how to ensure an appropriate intake to strengthen your defences.


Study of different parameters that can be altered by our lifestyle related to metabolism, the immune system, cardiovascular and bone health, stress or mood.


Integral study to monitor the factors that influence ageing. By means of a genetic analysis and different biochemical parameters, we can determine the measures and preventive care needed to stop premature ageing.

Choose to take care of your health

Enjoy a 10% discount on Complete Check-up for Women and Men (general health analysis), Advanced Nutritional Test (genetic and biochemical study for a personalised diet) and/or BIOTA200 (study of intestinal microbiota + food sensivity). What are you waiting for?

About wellness

The concept of "wellness" is based on a state of personal satisfaction and peace of mind that results from combining and balancing different social, psychological and biological factors, among other things. Today's fast pace of life generates significant effects that are harmful to our health. Knowing our body and detecting any imbalances that may have developed, will help us take the measures necessary to overcome any damage and thus achieve wellness.

Health and wellness

Insomnia, indigestion, headaches, premature ageing... There are lots of reasons why your health may be affected and damaged over time. Discovering the source and causes of these ailments will help you decide which actions to take to find your equilibrium and, therefore, to feel good again and enjoy complete wellness.

The peace of mind of feeling well

We could say that following a healthy lifestyle not only helps us to prevent diseases from developing and appearing, it also brings us stability and peace of mind. Making sure that your habits and routines include exercise, a balanced diet and enough hours of sleep, among other things, can very positively affect your wellbeing, giving you the physical and mental tranquillity you need to face each day in the best possible way.


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