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Improve your performance

Our genetic test for athletic performanc

We provide tests that enable you to determine which type of training is most suitable for you. They will not only help you to prevent injuries, but also enhance your athletic performance and improve your ability to recover.


Integral study for a personalised training that, through genetic analysis and various biochemical parameters, makes it possible to determine the most appropriate type of training for you.

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About exercise

Regular exercise not only helps us maintain a healthy lifestyle, but also serves as a tool for preventing cardiovascular and neurological diseases, and conditions caused by being overweight, among others.

Exercise and prevention

Exercising has multiple benefits for our health, as it builds muscle and improves our joint mobility and flexibility. It also helps prevent cardiovascular events and other diseases, such as obesity. On a psychological level, physical activity also helps reduce stress levels, improves mood, and enhances our capacity to relax and rest.

Do genes determine our athletic performance?

Genetic factors contribute between 20-50% of the individual variation in certain traits related to athletic performance. Therefore, knowing your genetic makeup, while also considering other factors, like healthy eating, and controlling your training intensity or constancy, can help us to devise a personal training programme just for you.