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Pathological anatomy

At SYNLAB we offer the latest in genetic testing, providing the patient with a comprehensive diagnosis, as well as a solution for all the doctor’s needs. Our molecular anatomy laboratory is integrated in the Pathological Anatomy area in order to offer a complete diagnosis focused on personalized precision medicine.

We offer a comprehensive service capable of satisfying all the anatomopathological diagnostic needs of high-level medicine today.

SYNLAB PATHOLOGY’s main strength lies in the global pathology network it has established.

Advanced technology

SYNLAB PATHOLOGY utilizes the most advanced molecular pathology techniques, using equipment that enables us to perform a wide range of tests, from studies that comprise traditional cytogenetic techniques, such as karyotyping or FISH, to DNA processing techniques using Real-time PCR.

The digital pathology system makes it possible to:

  • Optimize the workflow of our laboratories while ensuring the traceability of the samples 
  • Link together the expertise of our team of pathologists, referring each case to the most expert pathologist in each area 
  • Balance workloads to shorten turnaround times
  • Provide remote assistance to healthcare activities and interdisciplinary committees
  • Consult with international experts regarding cases
  • Digestive pathology
  • Hepato-pancreato-biliary pathology
  • Breast pathology
  • Bone and soft tissue pathology 
  • Respiratory pathology
  • Endocrine pathology
  • Paediatric pathology
  • Gynaecopathology
  • Uropathology
  • Haematopathology
  • Neuropathology

We have procedures for conventional cytology, cytology in liquid medium, FNA (fine needle aspiration) of superficial and deep organs (EUS and EBUS) with assistance for the radiologist.

  • Gynaecological cytology
  • Urinary cytology
  • Thyroid cytology
  • Respiratory cytology
  • Breast cytology
  • Digestive cytology
  • Lymph node cytology
  • CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) cytology

This studies the presence of antigens in a tissue sample. The test is used in the diagnosis and typing of diseases such as cancer, making it possible to assess the presence of predictive factors of therapeutic response. We make the following available to our customers:

  • Panel of 253 antibodies
  • Agency-approved pharmacodiagnostic test
  • Antibodies against ALK, BRAF, PD-L1
  • HercepTest for Breast and Gastric Cancer, EGFR, c-Kit
  • CINtec plus for the detection of HPV-transformed cells

We have the most recognized experts in the area of perinatal pathology. Our comprehensive service offers complete examinations, including genetic counselling, if required by the specialist.

One of the main factors that sets SYNLAB PATHOLOGY apart is its genetics laboratory. This molecular diagnostic laboratory is made up of highly qualified and specialized technical staff and biologists who have extensive combined experience in molecular diagnostic services. Its diagnostic applications include genetic, infectious and oncological diseases, in the field of onco-haematological oncology, solid tumour oncology and hereditary oncology.

  • Special tests for breast cancer prognosis and management
  • Liquid biopsy study, gene detection (EGFR, KRAS and BRAF) and specific panels
  • Oncology-specific panels by pathology
  • Cytology and biopsies: 48-72 working hours
  • Surgical parts: 72-96 working hours
  • Intraoperative biopsies: 48 hours’ advance notice; if justified, extremely urgent cases will be handled without prior notice
  • Fine needle aspiration cytology: by appointment. We check the sufficiency of the samples obtained by the radiologist, microscopically, on site.
  • Cases of extreme urgency: in emergency cases that have been justified and discussed with laboratory management, cytologies of any type and small biopsies can be reported within 24 hours.

SYNLAB online genetic counselling

ONMEDICALL is an online genetic counselling platform through which the specialist can receive genetic counselling from SYNLAB experts via videoconferencing at no additional cost. 

360º Service 
automation and traceability

  • 01
    Sample collection

    organized by our Logistics Department with the necessary frequency for each customer

  • 02
    Sample processing

     within the time frame indicated

  • 03
    Issuance of the report

     in the most appropriate format for each customer (paper, electronic or via access to our platform)

  • 04
    Online genetic counselling


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Nota informativa sobre el ciberataque acontecido en Synlab ITALIA

El pasado 18 de Abril Synlab Italia se vio afectada por las consecuencias de un ciberataque. Como precaución y, de acuerdo con los procedimientos de seguridad de la información de Synlab, todos los sistemas en Italia fueron desactivados. Como resultado, las operaciones de Synlab en Italia se vieron suspendidas. Se estableció un equipo de trabajo con expertos internos y externos para mitigar el impacto, restaurar los sistemas y se alertó a las autoridades con quien se ha colaborado estrechamente.

Las operaciones fuera de Italia NO se vieron afectadas por este incidente.

Con fecha 30 de abril Synlab Italia ha restaurado sus operaciones y retomará los servicios a pacientes y clientes en Italia.

Synlab está comprometida en mantener los más altos estándares de seguridad e integridad.