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SYNLAB has eight laboratories in Spain and Portugal, in addition to the more than 550 laboratories distributed throughout more than 40 countries, standing out as one of the organizations with the largest number of specialists in Europe. 
SYNLAB offers a wide range of tools for onco-haematological diagnosis, integrating clinical findings with morphological, immunophenotypic, cytogenetic and molecular studies. This makes it possible to incorporate a complete study that provides all the patient information needed for personalized treatment of his or her condition.

Molecular medicine currently makes it essential to integrate the results of the different techniques in the field of oncology for correct diagnosis and treatment of the patient. It is important to have a complete clinical history of the patient that integrates imaging tests, morphological analyses, and anatomopathological and molecular studies of the tumour. The interpretation of these tests in isolation may bias the diagnosis and consequently make it difficult to apply the most appropriate treatment for each patient. 

Advanced technology

To adopt the correct approach, specific analyses must be performed in order to correctly characterize the pathology of the patients. The SYNLAB laboratory has a digital analysis system that uses algorithms to improve efficiency and accuracy in the identification, counting and classification of cells using images.

  • Pathological study of haematopoietic tissue 
  • Morphological study by blood smear 
  • Blood count study
  • Immunohistochemistry 
  • Individualized identification with specific lymphocyte marker analysis 
  • Karyotyping for structural chromosome analysis
  • FISH for the study of deletions or amplifications
  • Fragment analysis for the study of onco-haematological clonalities
  • Real-time PCR for the quantitative study of rearrangements
  • Sanger sequencing for the study of potentially oncogenic genes
  • Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) with paired-end reads of genes included in targeted panels for the study of haematological malignancies. Through the use of precise bioinformatics tools, nables the detection of mutations and structural variations not detectable using conventional techniques.

SYNLAB online genetic counselling

ONMEDICALL is an online genetic counselling platform through which the specialist can receive genetic counselling from SYNLAB experts via videoconferencing at no additional cost. 

360º Service 
automation and traceability

  • 01
    Sample collection

    organized by our Logistics Department with the necessary frequency for each customer

  • 02
    Sample processing

     within the time frame indicated

  • 03
    Issuance of the report

     in the most appropriate format for each customer (paper, electronic or via access to our platform)

  • 04
    Online genetic counselling


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Nota informativa sobre el ciberataque acontecido en Synlab ITALIA

El pasado 18 de Abril Synlab Italia se vio afectada por las consecuencias de un ciberataque. Como precaución y, de acuerdo con los procedimientos de seguridad de la información de Synlab, todos los sistemas en Italia fueron desactivados. Como resultado, las operaciones de Synlab en Italia se vieron suspendidas. Se estableció un equipo de trabajo con expertos internos y externos para mitigar el impacto, restaurar los sistemas y se alertó a las autoridades con quien se ha colaborado estrechamente.

Las operaciones fuera de Italia NO se vieron afectadas por este incidente.

Con fecha 30 de abril Synlab Italia ha restaurado sus operaciones y retomará los servicios a pacientes y clientes en Italia.

Synlab está comprometida en mantener los más altos estándares de seguridad e integridad.